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Life is too big not to live it.   Who are you waiting for?

Welcome to MaKata Living

The focus of MaKata Living is to create opportunities within which ancient wisdom and yogic science can be experienced and easily integrated into modern life.

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Kat established MaKata Living in 2005. She leads yoga retreats, specialty workshops, teacher training courses and classes in Canada and internationally.

Having worked for 15 years in various leadership roles for a large corporation, Kat has direct experience in the fields of leadership, change management, performance coaching, learning and development, communication and management. This, combined with her personal experience and knowledge of Yoga, fitness and well-being assists her in creating a bridge for balance that is real, practical and possible.

About Yoga

Yoga is one of many tools that can help you live your biggest life. Through self-awareness, discipline and equanimity, balance can be maintained. It does start with you. Whether through physical practice, breathwork, meditation or lifestyle this practice can enable you to access your truest self and to work from this place in your life — in mind, body, being.