These are sessions in workshop and/or retreat format that I have led in the past. They are updated regularly and can be customized for different groups and contexts. Please contact me if you are interested in either attending or having me run a workshop for your group.


In this workshop we explore the nature of the five elements (tattvas) and our relationship to these natures. What are they, why are they important, how do they influence and are relevant in our lives, our yoga practice? Based on the yogic and Ayruvedic systems and integrating other philosophies. Discussion, experiential learning and a class to tie it all together at the end. Yoga and the Five Elements is a popular program that is available in workshop, weekend and 5-day retreat format.

SURYA NAMASKARA: The Power behind the Sun Salutation

Dating back to Vedic times, the sequence of Surya Namaskara is considered a powerful yoga practice in itself. Traditionally passed from teacher to student, it can be an effective tool for increasing consciousness and staying well. Known for its benefits on the whole self, this carefully designed sequence of 12 postures is intended to assist us in connecting with the different rhythms and elements of our bodies. In this interactive workshop you learn the background of this practice, its energetic, physical and mental impact as well techniques and modifications for the poses so that you can bring this into a home practice.

VIBRATION MEDITATION REJUVENATION: An Introduction to Hatha Raja Yoga Practice

Hatha Raja is a style of yoga developed by Yogi Vishvketu of India. This meditative method uses gentle sequencing of poses combined with the application of Brahmari Pranayama to bring the body, mind and being to harmony and prepare for meditation. This highly effective practice enables release of tension in the body, deep relaxation and mental concentration. Learn about and experience variations of the Brahmari Breath; the how-to and its impact on mind and body. We discuss the effects of vibration and meditation and on the brain and body and finish with a traditional hatha raja class.

BREATHE: Foundations – A Pranayama Intensive

Bring yourself back to your breath! The key element to our yoga practice is the powerful nature of the breath. It's easy, it's portable and it's always with us- yet we often forget how to use it. This hands-on experiential session will introduce the basics of breathing effectively, using some of the fundamental yogic techniques. Through guided, practical experience, you will learn about the importance of breath to the body and the what, why and how to apply these techniques to your day-to-day experience. You'll gain tools to assist with your daily management of stress and well-being. The integrated yoga practice included will leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated and aware of your breath!

BREATHE: Next Steps – Taking it deeper

This workshop builds on the basic breathing techniques to deepen the experience of a pranayama practice. We review the basic breaths, learn about the bandhas (locks) and how & when to apply them. We also explore the concept of breath ratio and retention and explore different variations of the basic breathing techniques. Lots of practice and experience of the breath! Workshop includes an integrated yoga practice incorporating what was covered in session.

Balancing the Energies of Sun and Moon

This workshop is offered in retreat format and explores the concept of the energies of (sun/moon) Hatha Yoga practices; feminine and masculine, Yin & Yang. We explore this balance through carefully designed yoga sessions, discussion, indoor and outdoor experiential activities, hiking, breathwork and guided meditation. A variety of yoga classes are offered that include Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha Raja (bumblebee breath) and Yin/Yang practices.

Breathe YIN

This session explores the gentle practice of "Yin" yoga combined with the added benefits of the breath. Learn about and experience the benefits of the deep release work available through the yin practice and the practices of abdominal breath and bhramari pranayama to release the tension in the body. Instruction on the two breathing techniques, benefits and how to, and guidelines for a specific yin set, with props and tips to assist in deepening the practice. Session concludes with a full, experiential Yin practice incorporating the breathing techniques. Wonderful home practice.


In the Body Balance series of 8 sessions, each yoga class is specially designed to target and harmonize both the physical body and its specific energy centres (Chakras) through carefully selected postures and practice. This helps bring balance to our bodies, release stress, and leaves us with an enhanced feeling of self-awareness and well-being. Specialty classes, workshop and retreat format.